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Why is Youth Entrepreneurship so important? 

We are surrounded by news stories that the future of the workplace will be defined by robotics and artificial intelligence and that the role of human workers is becoming obsolete. 

We hear about firms laying off their workforces as 1000s of jobs are outsourced overseas where others are willing to do the same job for less pay. The dynamics of today’s workplace is changing at the speed of light. 

Meanwhile, our children are still being taught the same conventional curriculum that was taught at schools 40 years ago.


Youth Entrepreneurship Program is designed to fill this critical gap in the education system

We focus on the development of key skills such as critical thinking, creative problem solving, and viewing the world through the lens of infinite possibilities. The Short Circuit ensures that today’s students will be equipped with the tools they need to create whatever future they can imagine. 

Through our unique 5As framework, participants learn how to act on their own ideas and turn them into thriving businesses. 

This program is fun, easy to access on a mobile phone, tablet or computer with informative units ranging from 2-5 minutes that fit into the demands of busy schedules.


  • Recognize the unlimited opportunities of entrepreneurship
  • Discover how entrepreneurship transforms lives
  • How to be a creative thinker and solution-focused 
  • Learn and apply the Volt 5A framework 
  • How to use creativity to improve the world 
  • Being resilient and comfortable outside the comfort zone 
  • Benefits of choosing your own lifestyle 
  • How to surround yourself with like-minded people 
  • First steps towards a life of financial independence
  • Step-by-step guidelines to starting your first business
  • All participants will be eligible for a job at Volt!

Every student who registers and completes the Short Circuit program WILL BE GUARENTEED A JOB offer at Volt 

Don't just take our word for it... 

Elon Musk

The Founder of Tesla and SpaceX 

"If you can make education interactive and engaging then you make it far more compelling.” 

Sarah Blakely 

The Founder Of Spanx 

"When we empower students to learn and dream beyond their limitations… the world will be a better, brighter and more innovative place.” 

Jack Ma 

The Founder Of Alibaba 

"We cannot teach kids how to compete with machines that are smarter, we have to teach something unique. In this way, kids will have a chance." 

Program Overview

The Short Circuit created by Volt Entrepreneurs consists of 16 x 2-5 minute videos, totaling about 1 hour of engagement. A pdf logbook is included for free to complete creative activities designed to consolidate the key learnings.

This comprehensive program contains the following modules:

  • Welcome! How to hack this course
  • Starting with the problem in mind
  • Dream your life goals
  • Making the seismic shift
  • The outcome of the shift
  • QUIZ: Believe it or not!
  • A world filled with infinite solutions
  • The many routes to success
  • Plotting your route to success 
  • Eddy’s story: A passion for creation
  • You can do it!
  • What is entrepreneurship really?
  • Adopt, Apply, Aim, Act and Advance: the Volt 5A framework
  • Meet young entrepreneurs
  • Your voice
  • The Volt Grand Challenge 
  • Taking on entrepreneurship
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Apply now and start earning!
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Our Team 


Fawwaz is a business specialist and entrepreneur, a wizard of efficient and effective processes that enable business growth and success.

Sawsan is an innovation specialist, scientist and entrepreneur, happiest when creating synergies between groups of people and empowering the young. 


Karim is a high school student who has a passion for the environment, textile engineering, football, and spending time with friends. 


Ryder is a serial entrepreneur who started his first business of exporting sports watches and running shoes from the US to Europe at 16 years old. 


Giorgia is a networking guru and business consultant who loves making things happen quickly. She has perfected the balance between productivity and fun. 


User Testimonials

 "I really liked the course. The delivery style was totally different than how they teach in school. My friends and I have already created a T-shirt company called Purple Frog and are selling them to other friends and at markets. Everyone wants one!" 

17 years old

"My aunt signed me up for the program, and I did not know what to expect. I followed the program at home on my phone with my dad and we had a lot of fun talking about what I can do when I am older." 

Sixten Peakay
15 years old

"I always thought that older people were entrepreneurs. I didn't realize how many ways there are to be an entrepreneur. Before I took the course, I was a baby-sitter, so I was one already without knowing it. Now I am looking for new ways to make money doing what I think is fun. I learned a lot." 

16 years old

"I dropped off our quiet teenaged daughter to a Volt live event and hardly recognized the excited, animated girl full of ideas who I picked up! Whatever they are doing really works and I won't hesitate to sign her up for their future offerings."

Megan, Parent
39 years old

"Everyone is talking about entrepreneurship now but few people really know how to deliver that as a learning to young people. Volt has a strong program that really empowers young people with those crucial skills that they need for a fulfilled professional career. I wish I had them when I was younger!"

Steve, Science Teacher
36 years old

Entrepreneurs don’t wait for success to come to them, they go out and get it

One trait that all successful entrepreneurs have in common is the ability to take decisive action. They don’t put off until tomorrow what they know needs to be done today. Getting started today will be the first step in an exciting and adventure filled journey that will take you places you never imagined possible. What are you waiting for? Let's go! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course take?

The total time for all of the videos is about 1 hour. These are split up into 16 short segments, each totaling 2-5 minutes in length. The Short Circuit has been designed for busy students to take in their free moments like when they are on the bus, during a break at school, or in the evenings at home. There is also a PDF logbook that complements each video, which should take approximately 5-10 minutes per activity. At the end of the Short Circuit, there is a Grand Challenge to start a business that should take approximately 2-3 hours to complete. And finally, for those interested in working with Volt, the job application at the end of the program should take 10 minutes to fill out.

Who can take the Short Circuit?

The program has been designed around the needs of 14-24 year-olds, but is appropriate for anyone who may be interested or intrigued by entrepreneurship.

I want to order the Short Circuit for someone else, is this possible?

Yes. After enrolling for the program, you will receive a confirmation email with log-in details. Simply forward this email to the person you are gifting it to. The other option is to enter their email address when you enroll to the course. Please offer them encouragement during their journey and check in with them periodically to see how they are doing, and to hear their reflections on what they are learning.

What will I know at the end of the Short Circuit?

You will understand what critical skills are needed to become an entrepreneur. These include being able to view the world from a perspective of identifying possibilities and opportunities which others have overlooked. You will understand what it means to think positively and act on ideas, and the essence of resilience. Plus, at the end of the program, you will have a job opportunity!

How long will I have access to the program?

You will be able to access the Short Circuit for 12 months from the date of registration. During this period you will also have access to lots of free material from our subscriber's home page.

What do I need to take the program?

You will need an internet connection and mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desk-top computer. If you like, you can print out the logbook and do the activities in sketchbook style.

What if I am unhappy with the program?

We provide a 30 day guarantee that participants of the program will be satisfied. If you are unhappy for any reason, please contact us to receive a reimbursement request form that will be processed once completed and returned back to us.

What do you mean that every student who registers for and completes the Short Circuit will be guaranteed a job offer?

Yes this is true. We are looking for Brand Ambassadors for project-based work who give us critical feedback on their experience with the program, provide testimonials and even help us with our social media accounts. Everyone, between the age of 14 and 24, who completes the program and fills in the job application form will be offered a job opportunity.

The Volt Story

Volt Entrepreneurs came about from a worry that kept me up nights on end. I was worried that while technological developments are happening at the speed of light, the education of my children is still based on the same conventional curriculum that we studied 30 year ago! 

How can this possibly prepare them for the highly uncertain and competitive future that lies ahead? Every day we are hearing about jobs being outsourced, factories being replaced by robots, and Artificial Intelligence now capable of solving complex tasks. Imagine what we will be facing in 10 years from now! My kids were not being prepared for this future. 

So then, I asked myself, what are the skills that they need to become prepared for this Mad Max-like dystopian world? 

I started to research this topic and found that self-made business leaders were in total agreement with my dilemma. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba said, “We cannot teach kids how to compete with the machines who are smarter, we have to teach something unique. In this way, kids will have a chance”. Vishen lakhiani of MindValley had this to say, “We could be doing a better job helping our children earlier on with developing critical business acumen to be more successful later in life.”

Let's Get Started

And finally, Sarah Blakely founder of Spanx said, “When we tap into the potential of ALL students and empower them to learn and dream beyond their limitations… the world will be a better, brighter and more innovative place. And it’s our job to give them the tools to get there.” 

There was the answer I had been looking for! It is the exact same skillsets used by entrepreneurs that can fill the major gap in the conventional education system! These are the skills our children need, but are not being taught. Learning these skills now at an early age will allow them to face anything and persevere with a smile on their face! Unfortunately, I was not able to identify a fully comprehensive, easily accessible and affordable solution- so I set off to build it myself. 

The result has been years of development of an end-to-end entrepreneurial training program based on our 5As framework, geared towards the needs of young adults. 

How to leverage what they are already learning in school and supplement this with the necessary skills to ensure they have a head start and can use their ideas to shape a bright future. Suddenly, the program took off. Starting initially with my children and a few of their friends in small group workshops in our living room, more and more of their friends were requesting to join our “entrepreneur club” evenings. 

Their parents started asking, ‘what are we teaching them?’- their kids had never been so motivated in school, and started seeing creative solutions to problems that we have been surrounded by all of our lives. 

Eventually the word about our program spread so far that we had to re-package the content to be transmitted virtually on line. Today, along with my sister and business partner Sawsan, we are able to share these learnings and embolden any child with the desire to determine their own future. 

All of our courses have been customized and structured around the needs of today’s teen. Soon, they will learn to see the world through a brand new lens. They will inherently look for opportunities where others have overlooked. And, more importantly, they will be equipped with the tools and skills needed to turn those visions into reality, no matter what tomorrow brings. 

Join us along with your teens, as they discover the limitless opportunities that are made available by Adopting, Applying, Aiming, Acting and Advancing their skills and knowledge that will shape the future of their dreams!

Fawwaz Khuri

Co-Founder & CEO